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Coffee Industry Trends in 2022

1.Buttered Coffee

Buttered coffee
is a popular trend making the rounds in celebrity and professional-athlete circles. Adding a tablespoon of butter to a cup of black coffee is supposed to make the caffeine stronger; Plus, it brings out the natural nutrients in the brew. Additionally, when you add butter to coffee, it acts as a secondary appetite suppressant making it easier to skip breakfast. Companies that are cashing in on this trend are able to increase their prices exponentially for the extra ingredient. Whether this trend is here to stay or not is hard to say.

2.Heath Conscious Coffee

Health-conscious food and beverages have long been a trend in popular culture, and coffee, as one of the most consumed beverages, is not immune. Brands like Purity Coffee are putting antioxidants and other health boosting nutrients first in their production and marketing efforts. Some brands are going a step further by adding additional ingredients to increase the health benefits. What’s more, coffee shops are featuring coffee alternatives like matcha lattes, as well.

3.Coffee and Tourism

Coffee has become more popular among the younger generations, but not just for the caffeine. Instead, they’re in it for the experience. Millennials, in particular, have found coffee to be an experience that is better served in an authentic environment. Traveling to different locations to find the best cafes and coffee farms has become the Euro backpacking of 2022.

4.Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Another millennial coffee trend is cold brew. Cold brew is a sweeter, smoother, less bitter version of hot coffee. That being said, cold brew has been on the rise for several years. Nitro cold brew, however, is just now bringing people back to coffee shops. Due to the pandemic, many cold brew lovers have found ways to make their favorite cold coffee at home. Nitro cold brew is more accessible through a cafe, however. It has become a popular cafe trend for 2022.

5.Snapchilled Coffee

Snapchilled coffee gives the trend above a run for its money. Unlike cold brews, snapchilled coffee is made a lot quicker, and it changes the brew’s natural sweetness. Additionally, there is less coffee waste with this method Another point in snapchilled’s favor is the flavor. It is not diluted by the process nor by the ice typically added to ice coffee. Although this is a fairly new trend in the cold coffee area, we expect to see it take root this year.

6.Bottled Coffee

Canned and bottled coffee used to only be available in one or two options that left a lot to be desired.  In a society that is always on the go, however, it seems like every major coffee brand has dedicated a portion of their business to canned or bottled brew. They are not only convenient, but they don’t require standing in long coffee shop lines or expensive at-home gadgets. As the quality of bottled brew has improved immensely, this is a trend that is likely to stay put for some time.

7.Fair Trade Coffee

Fair trade is a term heard quite often. Our society has taken a deeper look into the fairness of working conditions and labor guidelines in the communities that produce our products and goods. In this case, fair trade indicates that the farmers who grow coffee plants are being compensated fairly for their crops. Coffee brands that indicate they are fair trade certified are not only on-trend, but many people feel it has become a sociological necessity.

8.Koji Fermented Coffee

Koji fermented coffee has been a hit in the coffee scene. Introduced in 2019, this particular type of coffee includes an extra step in the normal processing procedure of coffee beans. In this case, a type of ancient Japanese mould spore is added to the green beans prior to roasting. The beans are also left to sit for several days to allow the mould to ferment. Fans of koji coffee find that it makes dark roasts less bold, and it lessens the acidity of light roast beans.

9.Quality Blends

The opinion among coffee experts has long since thought that the best coffee with the highest quality comes from single-origin beans. It has been the same in specialty shops and the top coffee cafes for many years. Recently, beans blended from different origins have started to take over. Blending different types of coffee together used to be a way to improve flavor and keep costs down. However, some of the top baristas in the world have been using blends in such effective ways that they have garnered more recognition and appreciation. As the future of coffee production is not certain, blends seem to be a trend that is going to last.

10.Energy-Efficient Coffee Shops

Brands, coffee and otherwise, are no strangers to eco-friendliness, and the reduction of carbon footprints. In fact, it has moved from a trend to an all-out global movement. It is an attempt to rectify the damage already done to our environment. With the United Nations set to have their Climate Change Conference in November, a strong pull towards reducing carbon footprints is at hand. This trend will likely take many shapes and forms such as the popularity of micro cafes, the use of equipment with fewer carbon emissions, and less waste-producing, single-serving coffee products. While there is no definitive way to know what the future holds, this is a trend that is very unlikely to dissipate any time soon.

11.Milk Alternatives

Another not-so-new trend is the use of non-dairy milk in coffee. Adopting plant-based milk goes hand-in-hand with the health trend that has been in full swing for many years. Most coffee shops and cafes offer alternative kinds of milk like oat and soy already. It does not seem as though this trend will slow down. Milk alternatives for coffee are becoming more inventive with companies producing plant-based flavored creamers that mix more easily with coffee. Besides that, potato milk is also gaining momentum as the new alternative to dairy milk.

12.Coffee Subscriptions

The popularity of coffee subscriptions has been a direct result of the pandemic where people were unable to get out to their favorite cafes. Although we are seeing a rise in visits to coffee shops, coffee subscriptions are still hanging on strong. Not only do they allow customers to have fresh beans on their doorstep when they need them, but it is also a great way to try out new blends and single-origin beans. Many subscription services offer sample packs that make great gifts. Even if coffee shops are back in business, most people still consume coffee at home, and subscriptions provide a hassle-free way to obtain quality coffee.

Final Thoughts

Many coffee industry trends for 2022 are based on environmental and convenience factors. While some of them may still be a direct result of the passing pandemic, others are new to the industry with the goal of improving it for the better.


Source: Kate MacDonnell - coffeeaffection.com/author/kate-macdonnell

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