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12 Coffee Industry Trends To Watch In 2022

Time has shown that the popularity of coffee is not slowing down. The industry continues to boom, and brew lovers enjoy their beverage of choice just as much as they ever did. In fact, many people have found a new appreciation for coffee due to our evolving technology, and the trends that keep it moving.

One of the amazing things about coffee, that keeps it popular and relevant, is its adaptability. The culture behind the beans grows and changes along with popular trends. Coffee can change with the times, and it lets this simple, centuries-old beverage become even better.

In the article below, we have listed 12 of the most popular trends in the coffee industry. We will share where the trends stem from, how sustainable they are, and what coffee stands to gain from them.

What Role Trends Play In The Coffee Industry?

Trends play dual roles in the products we buy and consume, and coffee is no different. On one hand, the interests and concerns of the general public often find their way into products like coffee.

Some trends are superficial and don’t have a lot of staying power like miniaturizing everything or tie-dye. Other trends, the ones with more staying power, are those motivated by cultural, environmental, and community-based issues like sustainability and health.

On the flip side, organizations look closely at trends to stay relevant. For example, environmentally friendly products have been a huge trend for many years. Coffee companies whose packaging is not recyclable will not do as well in today’s market.

Finally, what happens in the world around us also influences our trends. Wars, natural disasters, pollution, or a global pandemic can shape the way we shop, eat, drink, and purchase products.

Coffee Statistics For 2022

Trends are often foreshadowed by experts in the field and the prior year’s statistics. Take a look at some of the 2021/2022 coffee statistics from the National Coffee Association (NCA):

  • 60% of Americans drink coffee daily more than any other beverage including water
  • Americans drink 656 million cups of coffee per day
  • 71% of people have been to a coffee shop in the past few days or plan to go in the next week
  • Most espresso-based drinks are made outside the home
  • A record number of people between the ages of 25-39 are drinking coffee
  • People who drink cold brew daily is up 60% since 2014
  • Cold brew is the third most popular way to prepare coffee
  • 35% of coffee purchases in any given week are done through an app
  • Gourmet coffee is on the rise among millennials

Source: Kate MacDonnell - coffeeaffection.com/author/kate-macdonnell

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